Benefits of Summer Camp

Benefits of Summer Camp

Within a safe and supportive environment, girls discover new ideas and skills. They face challenges and celebrate their successes when they accomplish something they may never have dreamed possible prior to their camp experiences. Imagine seeing the elated look on a girl's face when she learns that she's passed an important swimming skills challenge after previously struggling to feel comfortable in the water.

Through Girl Scout camps, girls also connect to people and ideas by learning the value of cooperation and team building. They develop friendships and memories that can last a lifetime.

Once girls have a basic introduction to these powerful outdoor experiences through Girl Scout camps, they can advocate for themselves and others both locally and globally on issues that impact our environment. Girls gain the confidence and skills they need to take action to make the world around them better than they found it.

A camp experience:

  • Enhances teamwork and social skills through community living and group play
  • Develops skills, knowledge and self-confidence through exciting, challenging and fun activities 
  • Strengthens self-reliance and independent living skills by being away from home 
  • Provides girls with exciting and enriching opportunities for personal growth

And, at resident camp there is an added benefit from the extended time that girls participate in their program. By living away from home, girls increase their self-reliance and independent living skills. The extended time also allows for enhanced skill development in activities. Summer camp also provides girls with guidance by positive adult role models. Staff members work together to provide a caring and encouraging environment for all girls. Camp programs are based on Girl Scout philosophy and are appropriate to the age, interests and abilities of the campers.

Our summer camps are magical places where learning and growth go hand in hand with fun and friendship. Girl Scouts Heart of the South offers girls a wide range of resident camping options. Parents and daughters should talk about available camping options well in advance of registration and plan on attending a Camp Open House.

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