Cookie Terms & Definitions

Here are some common terms and their definitions that you may hear during the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Digital Cookies

The online platform for Girl Scouts which creates a fun, safe, and interactive space for girls to sell cookies, taking the iconic 100 year-old cookie program digital. This revolutionary enhancement adds a digital layer that expands and strengthens the ways girls learn the essential "5 Skills" of goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Read more.


Digital Order Card, the order placement function in the Digital Cookie platform. 

Booth Sales 

The process where girls sell their product to customers in a fact-to face transaction.  Traditionally the booths are outside of retail establishments on weekends.  Troops will booth based upon the motivation levels of their girls and in direct relationship to their goals.   

Cookie Locator

A database of booths that have been chosen by a troop.  The locater is on the GSHS website as well as the Little Brownie Baker website.  Potential customers can type their zip code in, and the locater will return all current and future active booth site locations within that zip code.  It is our best way to connect customers to the product.  

Cookie Entrepreneurs Leaping Extreme Bounds (C.E.L.E.B.)

A recognition event for girls who sell 800 or more boxes, and who are the exclusive invitees to a custom, unique, girl-only experience.  

Do a Good Turn

Inspired by the Girl Scout motto, "do a good turn daily", the Do a Good Turn campaign encourages customers to purchase an extra box of Girl Scout Cookies to randomly give away as a way to spread a little cheer in their community.

Extra Profit Option (EPO)

Older girl troops (Cadette and above) can elect to waive recognitions they would otherwise earn, and instead receive additional proceeds for boxes sold.  EPO troops still receive all patches earned.  As well as any incentives from the 750+ box level and up (if achieved.)  

Gift of Caring

Troop service program where girls accept donated cookies from customers to give to organizations toward their mission (shelters, fire departments, hospitals, etc.)  

Girl Initial Order Summary

A form provided in the Parent Guide that girls/parents can use to submit their initial order and incentive choices to their Troop Cookie Manager (TCM).  

Initial Order

The first cookie orders that are turned in to council for service unit delivery.  These are the very first cookies that will be delivered to customers. For 2012, the Initial Order time period is Jan. 7 - Jan. 30, 2012 

Initial Rewards

A recognition item received by a girl that is only offered for goals met in the initial order. 

Little Brownie Bakers

Little Brownie Bakers (LBB) – the GSHS cookie bakery partner located in Louisville, KY.    Little Brownie Bakers has been baking Girl Scout Cookies® for over 35 years. We are licensed by Girl Scouts® of the USA to provide eight varieties of cookies for the annual Cookie Sale including: Samoas®, Thin Mints, Tagalongs®, Do-si-dos®, and Trefoils. Little Brownie Bakers website

Membership Manager (MM)

The council staff member who has primary responsibility for working with volunteers in her assign service units  


A recognition item received by a girl for a specific sales goal. See the 2015 Rewards Line Up

Service Unit (SU)

A geographic area set by council to create manageable groups of troops.  Boundaries can be set by town/county lines, roadways or other demarcation. Find your Membership Manager

Parent/Guardian Permission and Responsibility Form

Form that parents or guardians sign to grant permission for their girl to participate in the Cookie Program and also accept financial responsibility for all cookies their girl sells. 2012 Parent/Guardian Permission and Responsibility Form

Service Unit Cookie Manager (SUCM)

A volunteer who coordinates the Cookie Program for the service unit.   

Troop Cookie Manager (TCM)

A volunteer who coordinates the Cookie Program at the troop level.  This is the person parents should direct their Cookie Program questions to first. If they cannot answer your question then contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager.  

Troop Proceeds

These are monies earned by a troop on their total cookies sales, including EPO proceeds.  

Troop to Troops

Council-wide troop service program where donated cookies are sent to military men and women serving our country overseas.  

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