Daisies (grades K-1)

 Horn Lake, MS Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony.

Girl Scout Daisy (grades K-1)

Being a Girl Scout Daisy is a great way for girls who are just starting school to make friends and gain confidence. They go on trips, learn about nature and science and explore the arts and their communities.

Daisies (grades K-1) are the youngest members of Girl Scouts. They are eager to explore the world around them and have fun along the way. The Daisy program is an introduction to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. 

Girl Scout Daisies earn petals as they learn the values of Girl Scouting and explore their world through Girl Scout journeys.

Daisy Meetings

A typical Daisy meeting consists of games, songs, crafts and more, including attending council programs. Daisies can earn petal patches to wear on their uniform tunic. Each petal represents a part of the Girl Scout Law, like respect, honesty, helpfulness and caring. They earn the center for learning the Girl Scout Promise. Girls learn these concepts cooperatively, so they make new friends and try new things together. 

As a Girl Scout Daisy, you can:

  • Learn the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Earn petals and patches
  • Explore arts and crafts
  • Go to the theatre or the circus
  • Attend Council and community programs and meet other Daisies and older Girl Scouts
  • Participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, the world's premiere financial literacy program for girls
  • Learn to travel in a group, on short trips in town
  • Create arts and crafts projects
  • Work together to accomplish goals
  • Make decisions through discussion and voting
  • Attend day camp
  • Participate in Girl Scout council-sponsored activities either with your troop or individually including the cookie program and MagNut Program
  • Learn about nature and science

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