Leader in Action Award


The LIA leadership opportunity is designed to help Cadette Girl Scouts discover their talents in mentoring and leading younger children, gain the confidence, knowledge and expertise needed to guide younger girls, and prepares them to hold future leadership positions within and outside of Girl Scouting; plus, connect with other teen Girl Scouts from around the council.  In keeping with the Girl Scout tradition of older girls helping younger girls, the LIA encourages older girls to be key assistants to a Brownie troop.  There are two different LIA awards available.  


Any registered Cadette Girl Scout in grades 6-8.  

Training Requirements:

  • Responsibilities:

Once assigned to a Brownie troop a girl must:   
  • Arrange mutually convenient meeting times with the leader to plan and discuss how she will be integrated into the function of the troop.  This includes determining if she will need any special materials for the activities she would like to present, and deciding who will supply them.
  • Attend the meetings of her assigned Brownie troop.  If she is unable to attend due to emergency or extenuating circumstances, she must make every effort to notify the leader in advance.
  • Arrange for transportation to and from meetings and events.
  • Provide the leader with signed parent/guardian permission slip when they plan to travel with the troop.  

Awards (Option 1):

A girl earns her LIA patch:

  • Actively assist with sessions of a Brownie troop’s Brownie Quest
  • Complete steps 1-3
    • Demonstrate your organizing skills
    • Demonstrate a special skill or talent
    • Help brownies complete their healthy living actions
  • Reflect on experience
  • Get feedback from Brownie adult leaders    

For a complete explanation of requirements, see the following Journeys excerpts:  

  • “Brownie Quest” Adult Guide for “It’s Your World – Change It!”          pgs. 17-19
  • “A World of Girls” Adult Guide for “It’s Your Story – Tell It!”  pgs. 17-19
  • “MEdia” Adult Guide for “It’s Your Story – Tell It!”                              pgs. 17-19    

Awards (Option 2):

A girl earns her LIA patch:

  • Actively assist with sessions of a Brownie troop’s Wonders of Water (WOW) Journey
  • Identify a Brownie troop
  • Talk to the Brownie troop leader about what the troop enjoys, what they are doing, and any challenges she has with the troop.
  • Arrange to be at some of their Brownie troop meetings and do the following activities
    • Guide Brownies through a fun activity that teaches about them about Earth’s air and/or water
    • Inspire the Brownies to try a new healthy habit
    • Engage Brownies in a short activity about teamwork
    • Have Brownies identify parts of the Girl Scout Promise and Law that they are living out
  • Get feedback from the troop leader about what you did with the troop ·
  • Answer the Discover, Connect, and Take Action questions on the LIA pages  

(Complete explanation of requirements located in the Adult Breathe Leadership Journey on pages 19-21)


Leader in Action Resources

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