National Proficiency Badges

In addition to the awards they are earning through the Journeys, the Girl's Guide gives girls the opportunity to earn National Proficiency Badges. There are four kinds of Girl Scout National Proficiency badges: Legacy badges, Financial Literacy badges, Cookie Business badges, and Skill-Building badges.

As Juliette Gordon Low said, "A badge is a symbol that girls have done the thing it stands for often enough, thoroughly enough, and well enough to be prepared to give service in it." When girls add badges to their sashes or vests, they're showing people which skills they've built.

Legacy badges

The Legacy badges are based on activities that Girl Scouts have been doing since 1912. There are seven groups of Legacy badges: Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Girl Scout Way, and Naturalist. The Legacy badges give you variety and choice: Girls will have lots to do and you get to pick those badges they're most interested in. Plus, you'll see how relevant these topics still are for girls today!

Badge activities are progressive, so girls can build on skills they’ve learned at each level. For instance, when they earn the Cook Badge as Brownies, they’ll add to their experience when they earn the Cook Badge as Juniors all the way up to Ambassador.

To see all of the Legacy badges, click on the image at left.

Financial Literacy badges


Your Girl's Guide also includes Financial Literacy badges. These badges help you learn about money-how to make it, how to spend it, how to save it, and how to share it with others. You can earn one Financial Literacy badge every year you are in Girl Scouts. To see all of the Financial Literacy Badges, click on the image above.

Cookie Business badges



Take the skills you've learned doing the Financial Literacy badges and use them during the cookie sale to earn your Cookie Business badges. Each year that you're a Girl Scout, you can earn one Cookie Business badge. To see all the Cookie Business Badges, click on the image above.

Skill-Building badges



You can add more badges to the Girl's Guide, depending on what topics interest girls. These additional badges come packaged in Skill-Building badge activity sets for Girl Scout Brownies through Seniors. Each set tells how to earn five different badges. The first three sets are coordinated with the National Leadership Journeys — It's your World — Change It! , It's Your Planet — Love It!, and It's your Story — Tell It!. You can make your Girl Scout adventure the best it can be when you see how everything fits together.

Special for Daisies!

 Daisy Petals

There are three steps to earn each petal. Every Flower Friend tells a story about her line of the Girl Scout Law. The first step to read the story and talk about it. Then, act out the story. Girls then do an activity to practice the part of the law they just learned about. To learn more about each petal, click on the image at left. You can earn two leaves each year you're a Daisy. There are two kinds of leaves: Financial Literacy leaves (Money Counts and Making Choices) and Cookie Business leaves (Count It Up and Talk It Up).

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