Unplug Your Camper

Technology has greatly improved our ability to have information at a moment’s notice.  We find ourselves in constant contact with our family and friends - texting while at the dinner table, IM'ing while on the phone, checking your email and watching TV. Camp is a time for us to set aside those modern marvels and reconnect to others.   It’s a time to learn camp songs instead of ring tones. A time to explore our surroundings instead of searching the net.  It’s a time to unplug! 

We have so many activities at camp and so many new friends. Let’s make sure you have time to enjoy every minute without the distraction of  your cell phone.

In a March 2010 American Way Magazine article, writer Winston Ross states that more and more, kids around the country are powering down and living it up at summer camps.

"Hannah Virsolav, who isn’t bashful about recounting the pain involved in relinquishing her iPhone for the three weeks she spends each summer at Camp Champions in Central Texas’s Hill Country. Untethering the San Antonio 17-year-old from text messages, phone calls, and Facebook is a bit like hitting her finger with a hammer: It’s excruciating.   'It’s extremely difficult,' Hannah says. 'It’s, like, your whole life.' 

Once she’s unplugged, though, she’s completely liberated, free to frolic in the outdoors for a blissful 21 days, which she spends water skiing, horseback riding, climbing, and making crafts. Hard as it may be to put technology on hold, it’s a trial Hannah looks forward to every year.  'It’s kind of like a symbolic way of stepping out of the real world,' she says. 'It allows me to take off from home, leave my worries, thoughts about college, and stress behind. I just go escape.' 

The cases of both the over-scheduled and the sedentary child present problems. 'We already know our children are not going to be as healthy as our generation, which is the first time we’ve ever seen that reverse,' says Peg Smith, chief executive officer of the ACA. 'That’s a frightening realization for parents.'  

'For three weeks, they’re disconnected from the electrical umbilical [cord],' says Steve Baskin, who, with his wife Susie, co-owns Camp   Champions, the camp Hannah attends. 'What replaces it is true interaction, being fully present with another human being. I say ‘I’m not taking your phone away from you; I’m giving you the gift of knowing you can be spectacular without it.’”  Read the entire article here.

It's just as hard for parents to unplug as it is for the child. We know you have become accustomed to being in constant contact with your child, but please allow her the time to unplug and enjoy this experience. Parents can send an email to their camper and call the camp to check in on them. We highly recommend mailing letters, cards and postcards so the girls will have mail from home.

Due to the nature of camp and limited resources, girls are not allowed to email or use the camp phone, but encouraged to write home.


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