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Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy is a monthly advice column answered by  Oxford Girl Scout Troop 20356 members May, Jacelyn, Ken'nia, Isabella, Melissa, Kayla and Candice. If you have a question or need advice you can email Dear Daisy.


Dear Daisy,
My Mom and Dad say that I can get a cell phone when I am in 9th grade. The problem is that I really think that I am the only girl in 7th grade who does not have a cell phone! I feel like I am being left out of everything. Why are my parents doing this to me?
Cell phone blues

Dear Cell Phone Blues,
I'm sure your parents have a very good reason for not getting you a cell phone right now. It could be that they don't want you to have access to the internet or it could be because it is too expensive. Cell phones are not cheap and the monthly bill can be more than $50. I am sure you feel like the only girl without a phone but I'm sure there are a few others. I understand how you feel but your parents are probably doing what they feel is best for you. Before long you will be in 9th grade!


Dear Daisy.
My best friend is rich and she always gets me a much nicer gift than I get her every year. She is really sweet about it but I still feel bad. What should I do?

Dear Broke,
I am sure that your best friend gets what she can for you because her family can. Her gift is not any more special than yours - it sounds like she appreciates what you get for her. Someday when you are an adult and have your own job, you can get her the gift you want to get her. Something tells me though that she will always look back on the gifts you got her as a child. They will mean the most to her.

Dear Daisy,
My parents just told us that they are going to separate. They told us that it has nothing to do with us but that does not make it any better. I am worried that we will no longer be a family.

Dear Separated,
Your parents love you and that is why they sat you down to to talk to you and your siblings. You will always be a family - only it wont look like the traditional family. Talk to some friends at school and trusted adults - you will find that so many of them have had the same experience. You'll realize that things are going to turn out OK.


Dear Daisy
There is a Holiday dance at my school and all my friends are going with a date. I want to go but I don't want to be a third wheel. I'm only in middle school. Why does a dance have to be a date dance already?

Dear Dateless,
I agree that middle school is a little early to have a date dance. Maybe you should ask around to see if everyone is really planning to go with a date. You may even try asking some teachers. It just may be that your friends are making it a date dance when really it isn't. I have a feeling that there are a lot of middle school boys who would rather it be a plain old dance rather than a date dance!

Dear Daisy,
My family is planning a vacation next summer and I am dreading it. I'm 13 now and my little brothers are such a pain. I want to take a friend but my parents said no. What should I do?
Vacation Blues

Dear Vacation blues,
A family vacation should really be a family vacation. Yes, I know your little brothers can be a pain but you are making memories that will last a lifetime. Some day you will look at the pictures from family trips and be very glad that they were just that - family trips!


Dear Daisy,
Yesterday I went to school without makeup on and I saw my boyfriend. I went over to give him a hug and he didn't recognize me! He asked, "Whos is this?" I'm so embarrassed. OMG Help please!
Natural Girl

Dear Natural Girl,
You might be wearing a bit too much makeup to school. Try to tone it down a little. If people are not recognizing you when you don't have makeup on, you might need to rethink the amount you put on. You are a young girl with young skin - go natural and you will see how beautiful you can look!


Dear Daisy,
I had a bad week at school and now it's the weekend and I have nothing to do. It seems like everyone has someone to spend the night with and I am just going home to be with my boring family. My parents tell me that I should be spending time with family since I am with friends all week but I feel lef tout.
Left out

Dear Left Out,
It probably seems like everyone is doing something when really most kids are just going home like you are. You probably notice girls in the pickup line with overnight bags right? I remember that. It may seem like that is what everyone is doing, but really that is only a small portion of your classmates. Why not have a friend over on a Saturday afternoon or just call a friend to talk or facetime. Or maybe suggest a movie that you can watch with your family. Before you know it, the weekend will be over and you will be back at school with all your friends.

Dear Daisy,
My friends dog died I am not sure how to handle this. Should I try to make her laugh or should I try and console her?
Fellow Girl Scout

Dear Fellow Girl Scout,
I am so sorry about your friend's dog. She was probably very close to her dog. Don't try to make her laugh, at least not at first. She needs some time to deal with her loss. Just listen and be there for her. She just needs someone who will be there for her.
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