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March Edition of Dear Daisy

Dear Daisy
I want to get my eyebrows waxed but my mom won't let me. They are so thick and bushy and I hate them. I have tried tweezing but it hurts. I am thinking about shaving them. What should I do?

Dear Unibrow,
First of all, open up any magazine and you will see how many girls have beautiful thick eyebrows. I bet there are some girls who would love to have your eyebrows. Why not ask your Mom if she can help you with the tweezing or maybe a close friend, sister or cousin? They may be able to help you so that it does not hurt so much. Whatever you do, don't shave them!

Dear Daisy,

I want to go somewhere for Spring Break but my parents say we cant afford it. It seems like everyone is heading to Florida. I will be stuck here with nothing to do.
Spring Break Blues

Dear Spring Break Blues
First of all, it may seem like everyone is going to Florida but, really, it is only a few people who are doing a lot of talking. Why not plan something fun with your troop like a sleepover or a day trip somewhere. Ask your troop leader if you can use troop money and then you can do the planning. It would be a great way to exercise those leadership skills you have learned in Girl Scouts and have fun at the same time.
Good Luck


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