Cookie Booths

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is all about the girls and girls are what people want to see! It's very important that the girls stay active and out front. They should ask every person to help their troop by buying cookies. Leaders and parents work best behind the table making change and directing.

Please keep in mind that selling Girl Scout Cookies at booth sales is a privilege granted to us by local businesses. This privilege, if abused even unintentionally, could cause all Girls Scouts to lose the opportunity for additional sales at these places of business. Please be considerate of the business’ customers and property. If complaints arise you may be asked to leave.

Cookie Booth Scheduler

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Cookie Booth Etiquette DO:

  • Remember that I am a representative of Girl Scouts and that my behavior at Cookie Booth Sales is a reflection on Girl Scouting.
  • Be identifiable as a Girl Scout by wearing either my Girl Scout uniform or t-shirt.
  • Be knowledgeable about the Cookie Sale Program and my cookie goal.
  • Go to the restroom at home first
  • Listen to the adults at the Cookie Booth
  • Be polite and friendly
  • Stay out of doorways, walkways, and parking lots
  •  Keep table and sales area neat
  • Say THANK YOU even if someone does not buy any cookies
  • Take all empty boxes with you (recycle if possible) Remember, Girl Scouts always leave a site cleaner than they found it!leave a site cleaner than they found it!leave a site cleaner than they found it!leave a site cleaner than they found it!

Cookie Booth Etiquette DON'Ts:

  •  Yell or talk loudly
  • Run around and play
  • Get in the way of customers
  • Ask customers twice
  • Leave the Cookie Booth area
  • Eat, drink or chew gum at the booth


  • Booth sales should take place within the 59 counties served by Girl Scouts Heart of the South. Do not plan booth sales in counties served by other councils.
  • If for any reason you cannot work your scheduled cookie booth, please cancel your scheduled slot on the eBudde Booth Sale Scheduler. Another troop in the area may have cookies they need to sell and can use your time. If a store manager gives us permission to sell cookies and it is not used, it appears that we don't appreciate their efforts to support Girl Scouts and their activities.
  • All cookies sell for $3.50 per box. Do not cut or raise the price.
  • As you arrive at your booth location, identify yourself to the store manager and let them know how long you will be there and thank them for their support of Girl Scouting in the community. Be sure to say "Thank You" to the store manager and encourage your girls to write a "thank you" note.
  • IF ANOTHER TROOP SHOULD ARRIVE TO SELL COOKIES AT YOUR ASSIGNED BOOTH, ACT RESPONSIBLY. You are a role model for the girls and are in the public eye. Do not involve the store manager in a dispute. They are doing us a service and we do not want to project a negative image. Call your Service Unit Cookie Manager or the Girl Scout Service Center if you encounter a problem.
  • This is a learning experience for the girls - let them sell the cookies and accept the money and make change with your assistance. Daisy Girl Scouts must always have an adult buddy when selling. They do not hold onto money. All money is held by their adult partner.
  • Do not keep money visible. An adult should keep large bills concealed in a waist pouch.
  • Girls must remain at the booth at all times with Safety Activity Checkpoints ratio adults present.
  • Girls should never give out their names, addresses or telephone numbers to customers. The adult Troop Cookie Manager’s telephone number can be provided.
  • Troops may schedule booth sales anywhere in the GSHS jurisdiction. You are not limited to the area covered by your Service Unit, but please try to stay within your local community. Girls should have a presence in their own community and people enjoy supporting their local troops.

Enjoy your booth sale and keep in mind that safety is our number one priority.


Cookie Booth Must Haves: 

  • Cookies
  • Health History Card for each girl and adult
  • Signed Permission Slip for each girl
  • Waist/money pouch with $25.00 – 50.00 change
  • Print out of Booth Locations from eBudde
  • First Aid Kit
  • Thank You note for store manager

Supplies you might need:

  • Table, possibly more than one depending upon space.
  • One tablecloth per table.
  • A chair for the cookie adult and/or the girl on break.
  • Handmade signs promoting the cookie booth.
  • Cookie recipes cards.
  • A calculator.
  • A receipt pad in case someone gives me some cookie money at the booth.
  • A cookie plate for samples.
  • A donation jar, if you use one.
  • Brochures/door hangers, if you use them.
  • Tape for signs that you're hanging.
  • A couple extra pairs of gloves and hats for girls who have forgotten.
  • An extra sash or vest if you have one for girls who forget (girls should wear one to sell at booths).
  • Ink pen and blank paper to write down leads, etc.
  • Pocketed tie-on aprons for adults and older girls who take money and give change.
  • A heavy-duty, zippered money bag for the larger bills during the sale and for all the money after the sale.
  • Recycled plastic grocery bags for customers.
  • And of course COOKIES!

A good mix of cookies to bring might be:

  • 24% Samoas
  • 23% Thin Mints
  • 13% Trefoils
  • 13% Tagalongs
  • 12% Do-Si-Dos
  • 6% Savannah Smiles
  • 5% Dulce de Leche
  • 4% Thank U Berry Munch.
  • Or, look at the flavor percentages from the Girls’ Order Cards. 

Booth sale cookies are all cookies ordered by a troop over and above individual girl orders. These cookies are extras ordered to fill customers’ re-orders and those sold through booths sales. Order only the number of cases you know your troop can sell - additional cases can be picked up later at designated cupboard locations. This will keep you from over ordering since cookies can NOT be returned.

An adult registered with your troop should be on call during the booth sale to pick up cookies and restock the booth as needed. Once your troop picks up cookies, they cannot be returned or exchanged with the council or cupboard. Please remember that cupboard locations and hours vary.

To maximize success, consider these proven tips:

  • If some varieties are not selling, open a package (which your troop must purchase), break them into bite-size pieces, and let customers take a sample. This sample will likely spark interest among customers and increase your sales.
  • Bring along your troop goal poster and pictures of activities in which you have participated.
  • To encourage multi-package purchases, suggest that girls bundle packages and attach recipes that use the cookies or offer handmade cards such as “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You.”
  • Encourage Troop to Troops and Gift of Caring purchases. Make signs promoting your Gift of Caring recipient and display the Troop to Troops poster provided. 
  • Set up your table with plenty of cookies. A full table attracts more customers than a sparsely filled one.
  • Advertise your booth sale -use signs! Put signs on a vehicle and park in a visible spot! Customers will see the signs and know where to get cookies. People might even make a special trip to get them because they saw your sign.
  • Practice, practice, practice! This is the time for girls to tell their story. Have girls develop a script of what to say -have them practice with each other and parents telling what the troop’s goal is and what activities they plan to spend their earnings on. . "Hi, my name is Linda. I'm with Troop 12 and we are working to go to camp this summer. Would you like to help us out by buying some of our great cookies?”
  • Location! Location! Location! After girls set a Troop Booth Sale Goal, begin looking for sites. Get out early to locate the best sites for your sales. Possible locations outside of council organized locations include: Sporting events Car-washes Concerts and plays Quick oil change shops Universities and colleges Drug Stores Parks and playgrounds Video and hardware stores Churches Try a mobile or drive-thru sale or walk through the neighborhood to call on those customers you missed when taking orders. Please be courteous to other troops when scheduling booth sales not on the Council Organized Booth Sale list. Avoid scheduling more than two booth sales in a popular location to give other troops the opportunity to schedule a sale there too.

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