Council Crisis Contact

Council Crisis Team Hotline


After hours Council Crisis Team CELL


In the case of an accident, incident or emergency please follow the following steps. 

  1. Provide first aid to person and dial 9-1-1 if assistance is needed.
  2. Keep a responsible adult at the scene at all times.
  3. Keep the girls calm and occupied.
  4. Notify the Council Crisis Team at 1-800-624-4185 (Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)  or 901-734-2574 (after hours and weekends)
  5. Call troop’s emergency contact person to let the parents know there is a delay. Plan in advance what the person will say.
  6. In the event of fatality, see that no disturbance of victim or surroundings is permitted until police arrive.
  7. Do not surrender permission slips or medical records. Keep your copies.
  8. Refer all media (press, radio, TV) inquiries to the council. Do not make any statements or release names to anyone.
  9. File an Accident/Incident Report Form and refer all insurance questions to council personnel.

Please remember

Only council-designated spokespersons (Council Crisis Team) are authorized to speak on behalf of the council.  It is very important that communications are controlled to minimize risk.  A good response is:   “I really don’t have all of the information you are looking for.  You need to speak with someone from our communications team.”  You may give them the office phone number: 800-624-4185                         

In addition to reporting emergencies and serious injuries occurring during a Girl Scout activity or on Girl Scout property to the Council Crisis Team, you are asked to report any situation or potential situation that poses a threat to the Girl Scout name and/or impairs the Council’s ability to operate effectively. The Council Crisis Team appreciates it when it has time to Be Prepared.  


  • An Accident/Incident Report should be completed for any accident, illness or inappropriate behavior that occurs on the site or during program event.  It is used to supplement insurance information and to notify the council of an incident while awaiting insurance forms and doctor’s statements.  
  • This report should be completed and submitted to the council office within 24 hours following the incident.  You may call the council and file an initial report by phone at: 800-624-4185 (Office) or (901) 734-2574(cell); a copy will then be mailed for your signature. 
  • A leader, activity planner or parent may fill in sections of the form that relate to their actions.  On-site First Aider and Program Director should complete separate forms.
  • Incident report forms can be subpoenaed for legal evidence, so information should relate only to the known facts.  

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