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The following service unit retained 75% or higher in the number of girl and adult members registered by the early bird deadline and will receive a Girl Scouts Heart of the South Banner for use in a local parade or other service unit events:
  • Decatur Service Unit (Jackson, TN)


The following troops completed early bird registration and registered 100% of girl members from the 2010-11 membership year. Each troop will receive a gift certificate valued at a $1 credit per registered girl to use towards girl membership registration, event registration or a council shop purchase.Way to go Girl Scouts!


Lowndes Service Unit
20253- Nancy Sequin
20901- Debra Taylor

Union Service Unit
20121- Nicole Hill
20326- Cassie Atkins
20129-Jan Speck

Oktibbeha Service Unit
20320- Cindy Coggins
20445- Tequilla Stallings
20203- Shirunda Miles
20349-Latoya Bledsoe

Pontotoc Service Unit
20072- Brenda Hoing
20350- Kandi Marshall
20659- Bonnie Ware

Noxubee Service Unit
20222- Rolanda Johnson

E. Greenwood Service Unit
30012-ShaRonda Bell

Grenada Service Unit
30130- Kim McCallop
30301- Kim McCallop

Tippah Service Unit
20043- Lori Duke
20171- Jamie Harrell

Lee Service Unit
20279- Stephanie McEwen
20332- Mary Pruitt

Chickasaw Service Unit
20101- Daphne King
23004- Amber Buckley
20347-Dianne Willis

Calhoun Service Unit
20143- Trina Griffin
20240- Tammy Roberts

Lafayette Service Unit
10459- Melissa Johnson
20123- Molly Pasco

Tishomingo Service Unit
20166- Sherry Barnes
20663- Misty Parker

S. Monroe Service Unit
20384- China Johnson

N. Monroe Service Unit
20015- Candi Allred
20067- Sonya Terry

Alcorn Service Unit
20001- Tina Michael
20162- Rachel Hawley
20632- Beth Whitehurst

Prentiss Service Unit
20371- Cathy DeVaughn

20373- Marla Hare


Benton Service Unit
40075- Crystal Blurton Stafford- Alcy Service Unit
10571- Jacqueline Seidl Pkwy Village
10191- Ellen Williams

Carroll Service Unit
40238-Rhonda Reed

Germantown Service Unit
10240- Christa Fitzgibbon
10053- Nance Marquis Shelby East
10111- Brenda Jones
10112- Brenda Jones

Decatur Service Unit
40013- Pamela Aycock
40217- Deidra Jordan

Collierville Service Unit
10028- Renee Victor
10103- Jean Lassiter
10147- Kathie Wilson

10560- Amy Cruzat

St. Ann Service Unit
10134- Adrienne Townsend
10810- Anita Pilcher
10509- Senese Duhart

Henry Service Unit
40011- Amanda Jones
40096- Jennifer Kinsey
40163- Daphne Jackson

40375- Lorraine Sirabella

Gaisman Service Unit
10041- Shinise Olden

Millington Service Unit

10051- Lori Moody

Arlington Service Unit
10343- Amy Emerson
10392- Barbara Ellacott

Madison Service Unit
40077- Helen York
40088- Lynette Hart
40105- DeeDee Rives
40122- Dana Bridges
40431- Murla Rogers

Dogwood Service Unit
10251- Andrea Thompson
10322- Kristina Garner

Southaven Service Unit
10565- Jennifer Lyons
10677- Kathy Marsh

Bartlett Service Unit
10121- Tiffany Brown
10232- Kacie Salsbury
10391- Kim Chesteen

Shady Grove
10476- Lucinda Ledger

Obion Service Unit
40021-Tasha Bell

McNairy Service Unit
40125- Stephanie Turner

Cordova Service Unit
10468- Sharon Brown
10917- Jennifer Gammill
10933- Alisha Henley

10723- Lashell Vaughn

Tipton Service Unit
10154- Michelle Allen
10275- Arlys Kimes
10107- Kim Ledbetter
10187- Leah Winter

Tate Service Unit
10427- Bobbie Wilkerson

Holy Rosary Service Unit
10267- Bette Thompson

Hernado Service Unit

10202- Debbie Moorman


The following troops completed early bird registration and registered 80% or higher of girl members from the 2010-11 membership year. The troops were entered into a drawing per council office to receive a $25, $15 or $10 gift certificate for a council shop purchase:


Tishomingo Service Unit
20056- Katrieena Beck

Prentiss Service Unit
20687-Jimma Walden & Kathy Hall

Tippah Service Unit
20039- Laura Green
20152- Laura Green

Columbus Office

Oktibbeha Service Unit
20185- Elizabeth Young


Benton Service Unit

40360- Heather Long
40002- Melissa Sullivan

Henderson Service Unit
40377- Winter Taylor

Henry Service Unit
40081- Mara Edwards
40089- Tonya Binon

Obion Service Unit
40026-Jackie Narr


Evergreen Service Unit
10265- Jane Taylor
10812- Mary Murphy

Germanton Service Unit
10621- Kara Lowe
10710- Sue Kirstein

Collierville Service Unit
10429- Karen Dula
10554- Lisa Olson

Dogwood Service Unit
10123- Lea Nowak

Cordova Service Unit
10001- Lisa Israel
10056- Lori Strickland
10792- Teri Gordon

Holy Rosary Service Unit
10261- Kathleen Slavick

Southoak Service Unit
10453-Vinette Sharp
10789- Shawn Herring

Arlington Service Unit
10802-Tracy Walker

Bartlett Service Unit
10298- Linda Harris
10711- Wanda Webb

Raleigh Service Unit
10650- Michelle Carr

Tipton Service Unit
10914- Priscilla Leggett

Hernando Service Unit
10450- Lisa Johnson
10702- Gia Matheny
10773- Karen Kemp

Horn Lake Walls
10574- Jamie Hiley

Olive Branch Service Unit
10616- Amy Hinton


West Greenwood Service Unit
30093- Deborah Harris


N. Monroe Service Unit
20057- Shannon Griggs

Lee Service Unit
20274- Juanita Valentine

Union Service Unit
20379- Mary Ann Hit

Pontotoc Service Unit
20231- Victoria Smith

Itawamba Service Unit

20007- Ida Hurssey


Jackson Regional Service Center

  • Henderson Service Unit 40377- Winter Taylor $25

Tupelo Regional Service Center

  • Lee Service Unit 20274- Juanita Valentine $15

Memphis Regional Service Center

  • Tipton Service Unit 10914- Priscilla Leggett $25

Columbus Regional Service Center

  • Oktibbeha Service Unit 20185- Elizabeth Young $15

Grenada Regional Service Center

  • West Greenwood Service Unit 30093- Deborah Harris $25

Corinth Regional Service Center

  • Tippah Service Unit 20152- Laura Green $15
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