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News, Updates & More from National Convention!

Check out lots more National Convention pictures on our GSHS Flickr page.


This is the Toyota Center where the Houston Rockets play!!!!!! Claire Barnett, GSHS Greater Memphis Area Committee Advisory Board Chair, GSHS member Dee Dee Rives, and myself with the Tennessee flag!!!

This is Linda Foreman. The National Board has declared 2012 the Year of the Girl!!!! More details to come January 2012!!! Entrance to the National Meeting!!!


Howdy from Houston!! It’s Elizabeth!! I have been taking part in business meetings where delegates from all over the country and world to vote and discuss amendments to our Girl Scout National Constitution. It’s very tiring but it is so much fun!!!  

This pic is from the Kick-off for our 100th year Anniversary!!!!!! Here is singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles!!!!

 Here is Monique Coleman from Disney Channel’s High School Musical!!!! Here is Mindless Behavior at the Girl’s 100 Year Kickoff Party!!!!! Here are the fireworks that were shot off from the balconies of the George R. Brown Convention Center!!!

Hey Heart of the South! Elizabeth again! Here are some more pics from the Convention!!!Here are some friends from the Disney-Pixar movie Cars 2!!! This is Luna the Possum!!! She was soooo cute!!! She has the same idea that I had!! NAP TIME!!! Justine Magazine is based out of Memphis!!! The representatives wanted to get our picture for their Facebook page!!!!! In this picture are Allysen, Ariel, and myself. Allysen and I are the 2 girl delegates from Heart of the South Council! This picture is of Frances Hesselbein the Executive Director of GSUSA from 1976-1990!! I’ll keep on blogging later!!




It’s Elizabeth in Houston with the latest news from the National Convention!! Take a look at what I've been up to: 

Here are some pics from the opening ceremony!!!!!! And the last one is me, GSUSA President Connie L. Lindsey and Ariel Lawrence from Tupelo, MS!


These girls are from Miami, Florida!! Their hats are sooo cool! And we also saw, GSUSA CEO Kathy Cloninger!!!!! She has just written a book called Tough Cookie!! Recognize this actress??? She is Allisyn Ashley Arm from Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance, and So Random!!!

See you later!!!!!

Elizabeth B.!!!!!


I, Allysen Rayburn, left today from my small town in Northern Mississippi (I know, an oxymoronic statement, right?) with my mom and two brothers on a plane headed to Houston, Texas. My mother and I will serve as delegates at the Girl Scout National Convention along with five other delegates that will represent our council, Girl Scouts Heart of the South. I am ecstatic that I was chosen to be a delegate and represent our council, yet I am even more so to write about my experience on this blog.     

So what is the Girl Scout National Convention all about? The Girl Scout National Convention brings together people from all over the United States to meet each other, and it also gives girls and adults some input into the decision making of how GSUSA will be run in the future. Along the way, there will be workshops to attend, national council meetings, an exhibition hall, and the kick-off for the 100th year anniversary of Girl Scouting in the USA. I can’t wait!    

Anyways, we got off the plane on a drizzly, slowly setting Tuesday in Houston. We winded our way around the concourse in the same stereotypical manner that I am accustomed to doing in every airport that we fly into: a small cluster of four people moving around as one unit. It very obvious that we are a traveling family. After we claimed our luggage, we made our way to the taxi services. Once the airport worker who called our cab realized that we were with the Girl Scout convention, he commented that even though all these Girl Scouts flood his hometown, none of them brought any of those wonderful Girl Scout cookies.    

The hotel is only a short block to the convention center; less than a mere five minutes. After checking in and settling into our suite, we headed out on the town to find something to eat. Slowly, I saw what the airport worker meant when he said that the Girl Scouts had invaded his hometown: even though it was nearly eight, there were women dressed in khaki or navy with a Girl Scout scarf tied delicately around their necks. It was an invasion.     

We settled at a nice tex-mex restaurant called “Guadelajara Del Centro”. It was the same at the restaurant as it was it was on the streets: Girl Scouts had invaded the restaurants. At almost every table, there was a party of Girl Scout leaders and girls decked out in uniform, save for a small handful of locals and tourists. I must say that the food was fantastic, and they do have some of the best salsa I have ever tasted. They mix it up in the kitchen and serve it to you while it’s still fresh. It. Was. Divine.     

So we headed back to our hotel, anticipating the Convention that would soon begin.   

Say Cheese!

More pictures from our very busy day. Notice Katie Couric is wearing a vintage Girl Scout uniform! How cool is that?


An Amazing Day

 Hi it’s Elizabeth again coming to you live from Houston!! Well not really, but I have some really cool pictures from the convention to share with you!

The first picture is from a storytelling class I took! And Juliette Lowe our founder has many look-a-likes including this woman!!! I also met Zinnia! She is from the Daisy Journey flower garden! And there are Girl Scouts Everywhere!!!!!!!

Bye Ya'll!, Elizabeth

Jenny Jones Tours the Hall of Exhibitors

Hello from Houston, Texas!  This is Jenny Jones and I am having such a great time at our Girl Scout National Convention. 

Today, I visited the HUGE Exhibit Hall where vendors present their Girl Scout programs, resources and even insurance!  While touring the exhibits, I met some familiar faces - Sharon Baade (top right), our former, interim CEO was presenting Girl Scout Journeys.  She says, "Hello," to everyone back at Heart of the South. I also visited with Steve Parnell (center), our Little Brownie Baker representative.  He and his team were very busy with a scavenger hunt at the LBB Booth. Jana Pettey from Memphis' own Justine Magazine was talking to girls and had a bean bag lounge for girls who just wanted to hang out for a while. There were so many people, and I was very proud to be representing Heart of the South. 

My biggest highlight was meeting Anna Marie Chavez (top left), our incoming national CEO.  She was so personable and I had my picture made with her.  It's a little blurry, but it just made my day.  

Tonight will be the Opening Ceremonies!  Katie Couric is the keynote speaker.  I will be sure to take lots of pictures so you can feel like you are part of the fun!  Happy 100th, Girl Scouts!

Check out a YouTube video I took at the SeaWorld Booth in the exhibit hall. This is so much fun!


Hello From Elizabeth Booth

Hi Heart of the South! My name is Elizabeth Booth and I am a delegate to the Girl Scout National Convention in Houston, TX.  I am blogging about my trip and how I am representing the Heart of the South council!


This is our hotel- the Hilton Americas-Houston!  Our hotel is connected to the convention center where the National Meeting is being held. My mom and I went to lay out the land of the convention center and it’s HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the Cook Convention Center. Now triple that size.


Notice anything interesting about this restroom sign? Everything in the convention center is decked out Girl Scout style!


I loved this big sign!!! We met a troop leader from Brooklyn, New York and we spent the whole day touring the Convention Center! I’ve meet Girl Scouts from California, Georgia, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts, and New York! There are Girl Scouts Everywhere!!!!


This is called swapping!! When you go to a convention you take things that represent your area or council! Then you swap items with people so that you get something from their area or council and they get your item!


This is the pin that I created for a swap for our council!   I’ll keep blogging all throughout my trip!! 

TTYL!!!! Elizabeth Booth A.K.A-Possum  

Houston, We have a Party!


Greetings Girl Scouts! Council delegates are heading to Houston, TX for the 52nd Girl Scout National Council Session!The National Council Session is the Girl Scouts’ major governance meeting. Gathered every three years, this session brings together the leaders of our movement and the members who help shape the future for 2.3 million girls.

We are thrilled to be sending the following delegates to represent Girl Scouts Heart of the South:

  • Elizabeth Booth, Girl Scout 2011Gold Award Recipient, Troop 10190
  • Allysen Rayburn - Girl Scout , Troop 30299
  • Pamela Evans, GSHS West Tennessee Community Advisory Board, Chair
  • Grace Hutchinson, GSHS Board of Directors, Chair
  • Abi Rayburn, GSHS Board Development Committee
  • Bill Rayburn, GSHS Board of Directors, Finance Chair
  •  Angela Woods, GSHS Chief Executive Officer

GSHS CEO, Angela Woods is packing her bags and preparing for her first ever Girl Scout National Convention and wanted the council to know how very grateful she is to be representing the Heart of the South. This morning she posted on the council's Facebook page, "Headed to our national convention today! Looking forward to seeing the great work that our girls and volunteers are doing across the country. This is a wonderful organization that I am proud to represent. Our volunteers cannot be thanked enough, the work that you do changes girl's lives in immeasurable ways. Thank you and thank you."

Check back soon for more updates on our delegates trip to convention.

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1/3/2012 at 02:38 AM by Vanessa Peterson

Hello Elizabeth,

This is a great blog! You did a wonderful job representing the Heart of the South. My favorite picture is the one of you and Luna the Possum. Too cute! Thanks so much for sharing your experience and I look forward to reading more about your Girl Scout journey.

Girl Power!!

Vanessa Peterson

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