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Girl Scouts Heart of the South Launches First-Ever Council App

The Girl Scouts Heart of the South Council has launched a council-specific mobile app, the first of its kind among national Girl Scout councils. The app boasts information such as calendar events, local council news, Safety Activity Checkpoints, and blog posts, as well as a link to the council’s mobile site.

The app includes customizable settings that allow the user to tailor the available information specific to Girl Scouts, families, and volunteers. Users can also personalize the calendar by starring individual events they find interesting. These types of features make it simple for anyone who is involved with or interested in the Heart of the South council to stay up-to-date.            

Jenny Jones, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Girl Scouts Heart of the South, said they are very excited to bring the council into the mobile age.            

”The app is very intuitive and chock-full of useful information for the girls and for anyone who wants to learn about our council,” Jones said. “We are thrilled to open up a new and more convenient communication channel to get the word out about all the good things going on locally with Girls Scouts.”            

Although the app is designed around the Heart of the South council in particular, many of its features, such as the Safety Activity Checkpoints lists, can be useful at a national level as well. The app release comes as the National Girl Scouts are gearing up to celebrate their 100 year anniversary on March 12, 2012. The council looks forward to the app being instrumental in garnering support and excitement for the many events they have planned to commemorate this milestone.

The Girl Scouts Heart of the South app is free and is currently live on the Apple mobile market. An Android version is expected to go live later this month. To find the app, go to the app store and search for “Girl Scouts Heart of the South.”

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