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Call for Board of Directors Nominees

The Girl Scouts Heart of the South Board Development Committee (BDC) has started the nomination process for the GSHS Board Nominees. Please see below for Board of Directors Summary of Governance Accountabilities.

As mandated by the GSHS Bylaws, the Board Development Committee responsibilities are as follows:   

The board development committee (BDC) is responsible for partnering with the board to build a high performing board that is as effective as it can be.  In its expanded role, the BDC goes beyond recruiting and slating nominees for council leadership.  It works closely with the board to ensure board orientation, ongoing education and assessment.  

In its expanded role, the BDC is accountable to:

  • the membership for presenting a balanced slate
  • the board for ongoing development and education   

The BDC Members are as follows:

  • Gail Atkins – West Point,  MS
  • Tammy Boyd -  Jackson, TN
  • Shawn Brevard – Tupelo, MS
  • Kim Cherry -  Memphis, TN
  • Naomi Dyson – Memphis, TN
  • Dianne Polly – Memphis, TN
  • Abi Rayburn – Oxford, MS
  • Debbie Wiley – Tupelo, MS
  • Gwendalyn Woodson – Grenada, MS
  • Carolina Willie – Jackson, TN  

The BDC is soliciting nomination referrals and encourages you to submit them no later than February 20, 2012.

Please use the Membership Referral form (PDF  I  Word) and email the completed form and resume to  

Thank you for what you do on behalf our organization and our girls.

Girl Scout Council Board of Directors

Summary of Governance Accountabilities

In carrying out its major responsibilities, the board of directors shall:

  • Understand, accept and interpret the philosophy and purpose of Girl Scouting.
  • Function as one body in deliberating and making policy decisions.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of board work until such time as it is released for general information.
  • Support and interpret board actions as necessary.
  • Carry out its major responsibilities through strategic leadership and direction, stewardship of Girl Scouting and oversight of the corporation.
  • Determine the vision of Girl Scouting and ensure that appropriate resources exist to carry out strategic priorities.
  • Monitor and evaluate the organization’s performance.
  • Participate in annual meetings as members of that body.
  • Ensure and maintain an understanding of demographic, cultural, social and economic trends and their implications for Girl Scouting.
  • Ensure that fiscal and human resources exist to carry out the work of the council.
  • Attend board and committee meetings; carry out assignments and prepare for active participation.
  • Work in collaboration with the Board Chair and Board Development Chair to assess and evaluate Board performance.
  • Support the work of the Board Development Committee* by identifying talent for the Board.


  • Stewardship of Girl Scouting:
    • Develop and maintain a culture of transparency.
    • Build trust and involve a wider group of constituents in decision-influencing as appropriate.
    • Ensure knowledge and understanding of national, regional and local demographic and social trends affecting Girl Scouting as it pertains to the Board's work.
    • Promote the mission and Girl Scout brand.
    • Serve as trustees of the Girl Scout values and principles.
    • Establish policies necessary for the development and advancement of Girl Scouting in the council’s jurisdiction.
    • Select, appoint and evaluate the performance or release of the CEO. Gives input to the CEO on the performance of the CFO.
    • Ensure that an appropriate compensation program exists. Register as a member of the Girl Scout Movement.
    • Promote accessibility to Girl Scouting for all girls in the council’s jurisdiction.
    • Provide active leadership to promote diversity and ensure pluralism.
  • Oversight of the Corporation:
    • Fulfill and ensure compliance with Girl Scouts of the USA charter requirements 
    • Adopt and keep current policies and guidelines that govern the acquisition and allocation of resources to support organizational priorities:
      • Adopt budgets
      • Monitor investments
      • Approve banking arrangements
    • Approve and support the plans for funding council’s strategic priorities:
      • Establish fund development policies compatible with the principles of Girl Scouting.
      • Commit to making an appropriate personal, family and/or foundation gift in support of Girl Scouts. Make Girl Scouts a top funding priority.
      • Facilitate the identification, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship of donors.
      • Embrace a culture of philanthropy and promote philanthropic values.
    • Ensure all governance documents are updated and maintained appropriately (bylaws, articles of incorporation, minutes and legal documents).

Strategic Leadership and Direction:

  • Articulate the mission and philosophy of Girl Scouting.
  • Identify the capacity of the organization to fulfill the mission. Direct resources in full support of building girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place.
  • Provide strategic leadership to ensure the future of Girl Scouting.
  • Work closely with the CEO to define strategic direction and to define organizational success.
  • Conduct an annual organizational performance appraisal to monitor the achievement of strategic priorities.
  • Ensure an effective democratic process that maintains channels of communication between registered members and the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure that the council is positioned in the community to achieve the maximum benefit for all girls.

* Formerly known as the nominating committee

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