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Girl Scout Pathways are the ways that Girls and Adults participate in Girl Scouting.
With today’s busy girls in mind, Girl Scouts offers flexibility through several Pathways to participation. Each girl can choose the Girl Scout Pathway or Pathways that best fit(s) her lifestyle: Girls can choose any one, all, or some of these pathways within a single year.

Troop/Group: A troop/group usually consists of girls from one or more school grades with a variety of interests, who meet-- in schools, churches, Boys’/Girls’ Clubs, YMCAs, and YWCAs-- on an ongoing basis under the guidance of trained and caring adult leaders. Members of troops/groups plan the Girl Scout Pathways they want to experience together.    

Travel: Girls can enjoy local, regional, national, or international age-appropriate trips that offer girls leadership opportunities and cross-cultural understanding. Girls prepare, plan, money earn and participate through group travel, council-sponsored trips, or nationally sponsored excursions.    

Events: Girls can attend multiple Girl Scout events during the year. The primary difference between events and all other pathways is that different girls participate in each event, as opposed to one group of girls coming together regularly.    

Camp: Day camps and resident summer camp sessions at 5 GSHS  properties focus on outdoor fun and environmental education.    

Series: Girls can participate in a series of meetings with others who share common interests, like careers, arts, or sports. Each series  relates to a specific theme or purpose and features cumulative, sequential, experiential learning.     

Virtual: An online Girl Scout community that provides girls with the opportunity to participate in Girl Scouting without regard to geographic location. Participation is through a Web-based platform developed by GSUSA and includes interactive and high-quality program activities in a safe, secure online environment.  The Virtual Pathway is still in development by Girl Scouts of the USA.  

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