Gold Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2015 Gold Award Recipients!



  Gold Award Project Title

Alice Gleadhill
Troop 10068
 St. Michael's Miracle
Amethyst Adams
Troop 10068
 Monarch Butterflies: Milkweed and Migration
Nathalie Prior
Troop 10754
 The Monarch Butterfly Project
Raven Harmon
Troop 10186
 Flight Against Bullying
Alexandra Cornell
Troop 10186
 Texting and Driving
Mikayla Correll
Troop 00000
 Eating Right to be Healthy for Life
Ashley Flowers
Troop 20486
 Clean Air for Iuka
Laura Horn
Troop 20224
 Immunization Importance
Zoe Thornton
Troop 20224
 Motor Skills Workshop
Kayla Moore
Troop 20224
 Brain Injury Awareness
Adrianna Jackson
Troop 20224
 Playing it Safe
Alissa Ann Williams
Troop 20486
 Live Long & Live Strong, Reject Tobacco
NaKia Strickland
Troop 20092
 Girls to Women Health Fair
Janai Patterson
Troop 20092
 Basketball Camp
Avery Shappley
Troop 20486
 Heart Start
Adreanna Michael
Troop 20001
 Anna's Vision
Ansley Burns Troop 20001  Pet Awareness We Serve PAWS
Kimberly Michael
Troop 20001
 American Pride
Brooke Ann Benson Troop 20606  A Place in the Sun
Mallory Chapman Troop 20606  Because They're Worth It!
Meg Lambert Troop 20606  Ready in a Heart Beat
 Rachel Dees
Troop 20606  The Helping Paw
Elisa Russell Troop 20177  Beauty of Flight
Ariel Lawrence Troop 20095  Painting to Change the Future
Anna Bennett Troop 20110  A.G.E Anna's Garden for the Elderly
Katherine Tackitt Troop 20611  Exypnos Christian Learning Center
Natalie Runyon Troop 20253  Walk Across Columbus
Catherine Buffington Troop 20320  UNITY
Shelby Adair Troop 20320  The Children's Place
Amber Baldwin Troop 20230  New Life to New Prospect
Emily Marshall Troop 20350  Sustainable Mini Library
Briana Phillips Troop 10464  Homework Helper
Breuna Phillips
Troop 10464  Buckle Up, Every Trip, Every Time
Starla Rogers Troop 20224
 Helping Hand
Sydney Savage
Troop 20320
 Let's Sit and Visit
Victoria Hurt
Troop 10429
 Music Cataloging
Emily Coggins
Troop 20320  The Birthday Club
Faith Bullock Troop 20606
 Operation Bluebird
Tetra Tyes Troop 20334  Dressing for the Grade

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