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One of the most effective means of giving to Girl Scouts Heart of the South is through a planned gift. Gift Planning is the process of carefully selecting the best method and asset for making a gift while also reducing your burden of income, capital gains or estate taxes. Such a gift can enable you to make a lasting impact and join GSHS in building girls of courage, confidence and character for generations to come!

Girl Scouts Heart of the South’s Planned Giving Challenge is underway.  We are grateful to Dianne Belk and Lawrence Calder for making a planned gift to the Council in 2012.  They have also pledged to match other donors that make a planned gift prior to June of 2014.   

Read more about how Dianne and Lawrence are making a difference nationally here. Please enjoy this story about the deep connection that they have to our Council.

On Friday, October, 19, 2012 Girl Scouts from around Sunflower County in Northwest Mississippi hosted a “Meet & Greet” celebration at the Scout Hut in Indianola for a very special Girl Scout alumna, Dianne Belk, and her husband, Lawrence Calder. Five troops joined in the festivities. Troops 30352 and 30279 performed the flag ceremony.  Troop 33133 did a skit. Troop 30342 recited the Girl Scout Promise.  Troop 30096 from Inverness sang the song “I Believe I Can Fly” and the younger girls from multi-level Troop 30122 recited a poem, while the older girls performed a praise dance.

Ms. Belk was born and raised in the Mississippi Delta. She was the first female industrial engineering student at Mississippi State University. She arrived at college with a fistful of scholarships, $5, and her clothes in a brown paper bag! Just a few short years later, she was the first female engineer in her industry.

Since 1995, Ms. Belk and her husband have focused their attention on the barriers that young girls face in achieving equality in the world. She is the Founding Chair of the Juliette Gordon Low Society, formed especially to honor those on a national level, who like Juliette, have chosen to remember Girl Scouts in their wills and estate documents. 

Ms. Belk has challenged Girl Scouts Heart of the South to identify others, like herself, who want to make a commitment to Girl Scouting through a planned gift in their estate planning.  Nancy Cochran, Board Member and longtime volunteer with our Council, has stepped forward as the first to share that she too has made a planned gift.  Nancy is assisting with the effort to meet the challenge set forth by Ms. Belk by inviting others to make a new planned gift or inform Girl Scout staff of an existing gift.  Nancy made a special connection with Dianne during her visit when they realized they both cruised the Mississippi River on a Girl Scout sponsored trip on “The Mississippi Mermaid.”  The connection led to many special shared Girl Scout memories.

The Juliette Gordon Low Society honors significant donors to Girl Scouts Heart of the South including those that have included the council in their will or estate plan, or who have made a planned gift to the council during their lifetime. Girl Scouts Heart of the South wishes to acknowledge and thank each member of the Juliette Gordon Low Society for choosing to make a planned gift to Girl Scouts Heart of the South.

Dianne Belk

Lawrence Calder

Nancy Cochran

Pat Moody



Elizabeth Upchurch

Alyce Lipscomb

Melanie Schild

Tom Schild

Kimberly Crafton

Dolph Crafton

Venus Chaney

Lori Gilmore

Alison Coons

Chris Wilson

Debbie Zanot

Barbara Arnold

Please consider your own planned gift to Girl Scouts Heart of the South to help ensure special memories for local Girl Scouts for years to come. For more information, please contact Kimberly Crafton at kimberly.crafton@girlscoutshs.org or 901-334-3461.  

Girl Scouts Heart of the South Planned Giving Brochure     I     Planned Giving Commitment Form

Examples of Planned Giving

Planned gifts continue to meet the needs of girls for many generations.  Additional details are available on our national site.

Here are a few examples of how you can demonstrate your deep commitment to the girls we serve:

"I bequeath to the Girl Scouts Heart of the South, the sum of $____ or other property."  

Income-Producing Gifts
A number of plans allow you to make a gift to our council and still receive an income for yourself or your beneficiaries.  The most common plans are charitable gift annuities that pay you an agreed upon amount on a regular basis – often more than you are currently receiving in dividends or interest.  

Life Insurance
A gift of life insurance is an easy way to support the council.  Making the council the beneficiary of an existing policy entitles you to claim an income tax deduction.  You may also purchase a new policy and make us both owner and beneficiary.  

Retirement Assets
You can name the council as the beneficiary of retirement plans, which may allow you to give more than you thought possible while minimizing taxes that may otherwise reduce these assets.  

If you have questions regarding planned gifts, please contact Kimberly Crafton at kimberly.crafton@girlscoutshs.org or 901-334-3461.  

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