Juniors (grades 4-5)


Greenville, MS Junior Troop 33175 prepares for the flag ceremony at their Bridging event.

Girl Scout Junior (grades 4-5)

Get ready! Get excited! You are a Girl Scout Junior! What fun lies ahead? Girl Scout Juniors participate in cool new experiences, like going on an overnight at a science museum, working on a farm, attending a baseball game, visiting a wildlife preserve, making a robot or trying new sports like archery.

Juniors take on most responsibilities for their troops, acting as leaders and managers, and can run their own meetings. They learn through the National Program Portfolio and Girl Scout Leadership Experience, gaining tremendous confidence through planning their troop's activities for the year. They work with younger girls and in the community 

Girl Scout Juniors continue to build on their confidence as they master new skills and take a more active leadership role within the troop and community. Girls will have fun with computers and technology, outdoor adventures (including camping and s’ mores!) and badge earning projects.

As a Girl Scout Junior, you can:

  • Volunteer at an animal shelter, making a nicer temporary home for the animals
  • Plan and host a dance in your community
  • Connect with a Girl Scout who lives overseas
  • Work together to organize a badge workshop for Brownies
  • Manage your group's finances
  • Use your leadership skills to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award, the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn
  • Sell cookies to pay for a trip or for a special event
  •  Attend day or overnight camp
  • Develop your team-building skills
  • Expand on your personal interests
  • Participate in Girl Scout council-sponsored activities either with your troop or individually including the cookie program and fall product program
  • Apply leadership knowledge to make a difference in the community

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