Long Range Property Planning

Girl Scouts Heart of the South is charged with providing girls and volunteers with quality program opportunities, while being good stewards of Girl Scout resources.

Properties, whether owned or leased, require the ongoing use of many resources- e.g. utilities, staff support, maintenance, transportation, etc. GSHS surveyed leaders, volunteers, and girls to see what they liked best and least about our properties; what they thought was important in a Girl Scout property and how they used the council properties.

As a result, a Long Range Property Planning Task Group was formed to evaluate each property based on survey results, property use and property condition. LRPP Task Group members consist of volunteers, board members and community members with knowledge of property assets. Its members represented all areas of our council’s jurisdiction. The Long Range Property Planning Task Group spent eight months and countless hours, reviewing properties, usage and feasibility to make the best recommendations for the girls and the council.The Long Range Property Planning Task Group has recommended a multi-year, comprehensive action plan for our council. This plan will result in more effective girl based programming, and provide property resources that are safe, functional, attractive, well-used and ADA compliant.

As a result of the multi-year, Long-Range Property Plan process, the GSHS Board of Directors approved the following on June 29, 2012:

Girl Scouts Heart of the South will retain the following properties:

Girl Scouts Heart of the South will relocate the following leased administrative properties:

  • Columbus Regional Service Center – secure a donated or shared space within the Columbus area
  • Corinth Regional Service Center – secure a donated or shared space within the Corinth area
  • Grenada Regional Service Center – On October 1, 2013 the Grenada Regional Service Center was closed.  The decision was made to have staff at the Grenada Regional Service Center to telecommute.

Girl Scouts Heart of the South will divest and relocate the following administrative property:

  • Tupelo Regional Service Center – divest the current property and relocate to a leased facility in Tupelo.
    On June, 24, 2013 the Tupelo Regional Service Center property was purchased by The Link Center. The Tupelo Regional Service Center was re-located to 1140 West Main Street, Tupelo, MS - less than a mile away from the prior location.
Girl Scouts Heart of the South will divest the following program properties:
  • Camp Annemeekee – Drummonds, TN
    On August 28, 2013 Camp Annemeekee property was sold to a neighboring land owner. GSHS is looking forward to the resources this sale will provide for girls throughout the council through new program developments and services. 
  • Camp Cedar Point – Grenada, MS
    This property has always been leased from the Corps of Engineers. This property has not operated a Girl Scout summer resident camp program since 2010. GSHS is currently in negotiations with two different organizations regarding purchase of Camp Cedar Point
  • Program Training Center – Memphis, TN
    On December 10, 2013 the Program Training Center was sold. It is a pleasure to note that the new owners are another local non-profit that will put the site to good use..

By reducing our property maintenance and upkeep on underutilized properties, GSHS will be able to invest in our remaining properties by providing new program opportunities and upgrading our facilities for all of our girls and our members.


See our approved projects and multi-year plans for improvements! 


The Starting Point

In 2010, Girl Scouts Heart of the South started its evaluation process of all council properties. The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the best resources for girls, volunteers and our members. At that time, Girl Scouts Heart of the South had responsibility for six administrative buildings and six program and camp properties. Of the 12, eight were owned, and four were leased; some properties were fully utilized and some were under-utilized.

Long Range Property Planning Task Group

Pamela Evans
Evans Medical Clinic
Hollow Rock, TN

Pat Moody
Memphis, TN

David Vance
Property Committee Chair
My Friend's Place
Houston, MS

Scotty Cagle
Mississippi State
Extention Service and Property Planning
Tupelo, MS

Julie Kirkpatrick
Girl Scout Volunteer
Brownsville, TN

Michelle Marrs
Girl Scout Volunteer
Burlison, TN

Jean Ann McBride
Girl Scout Volunteer
Memphis, TN

Loralei McGee
Girl Scout Volunteer
Tupelo, MS

Jim Rainer
Grubb & Ellis/Memphis
Executive Vice-President
Memphis, TN

Kathleen Webb
Murphy, Dezonia & Webb
Memphis, TN

Venus Chaney
GSHS Director of Girl Scout
Leadership Experience
Memphis, TN

Myra Collins
GSHS Director of Outdoor
Girl Scout Leadership Experience
Tupelo, MS

Suzanne Forsythe
GSHS Regional Program Specialist
Tupelo, MS

Debbie Moore
GSHS Director of Finance
Memphis, TN

Kristi Tackitt
GSHS Outdoor Program Specialist
Tupelo, MS

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