Past Honorees


2015 Lafayette/Oxford Women of Distinction nominees

  • Betsy Smith (selected as honoree)
  • Allyson Best
  • Carolyn Carter
  • Marcia Cole
  • Sherri DeLashmit
  • Peggie Gillom-Granderson
  • Mary Leary
  • Libby Lytle
  • Sherry Wall
  • Janet Wilkins

  • Mary Leary and LIbby Lytle congratulate 2015 Woman of
    Distinction honoree Betsy Smith at this year's exciting event. 
    (Image from The Oxford Eagle.)

    And Girl Scouts Heart of the South was pleased to recognize our first Girl Scout of Distinction, Annabella Ware, at this year's Oxford event. 

    Read about our amazing nominees in the 2015 Women of Distinction Program and view pictures from this year's luncheon in Oxford. 

    A special thanks to the 2015 Oxford/Lafayette WOD Committee Members: Chairperson - Vicki Sneed, Jennifer Eastland, Mary Haskell, Margaret King, Molly Meisenheimer, Katie Naron, Kyle Still, and Abi Rayburn.

    For more information about the Women of Distinction award, please contact Jenny Jones or 662.350.6041.

    2014 Lafayette/Oxford Women of Distinction Nominees

    • Mary Ann Connell (selected as honoree)
    • Cynthia Bolden
    • Kasey Daniels
    • Carol Dye
    • Donna Fisher
    • Beth Fitts
    • Lila Herren
    • Lynn Klepzig
    • Kathy Mooney
    • Katie Naron
    • Rachel Robinson
    • Linda Spargo
    • Rachel West

    2013 Lafayette/Oxford Women of Distinction Nominees

    • Mary Ann Fruge' (selected as honoree)
    • Dr. Mona Castle
    • Kay Cobb
    • Lucille Easterbrook (posthumously)
    • Sandra Guest
    • Leisa McElreath
    • Holli Ratcliffe
    • Robyn Tannehill
    • Lena Wiley
    • Rev. Dr. Ethel Young-Minor

    2012 Lafayette/Oxford Women of Distinction Nominees

    • Jan Robertson (selected as honoree)
    • Patricia Lamar (special honoree, posthumously)
    • Kate Rosson
    • Amberlyn Liles
    • Penny Sisson
    • Dana Williams
    • Midge McCay
    • Kristy Bridgers
    • Sue Hodge
    • Lynn Sloan

    2011 Lafayette/Oxford Women of Distinction Nominees

    • Vicki Sneed (selected as honoree)
    • Vickie Cook
    • Christy Knapp
    • Moni Reynolds
    • Sonia McKeithen
    • Molly Meisenheimer
    • Christy Grice
    • Bettye Galloway
    • Charter Road Hospitality Group (Mary Grace Brower, Emily Rikard, Gwen Lewis, Jessie Creager, Brigit Bibbs, Mary King)
    • Jean Shaw

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