Training Descriptions

Volunteer Training Courses

Girl Scouting 101

Volunteer Basics
Advanced Camp/Backpack License Training
Enrichment Courses
Event Camp License Training
Facilitating Adult Learning Training
First Aid / CPR Certification
Gold Award Training
Troop Camp License
Wilderness First Aid Basic Training 

Girl Scouting 101      I      45 minutes

This 45-minute Girl Scouts of the USA online session provides an overview of Girl Scouting today.  It includes the fundamentals of Girl Scouting – the Promise and Law, Girl Scout Mission and history, an introduction to the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting and the Journeys program.  Complete this session at your convenience prior to attending Volunteer Basics.(45 minutes)

Click here to begin Girl Scouting 101

Password: aboutGS101

Volunteer Basics      I      2 hours

Learn more about Girl Scouts as a movement and our rich tradition in this 2 hour training session. Your adventure starts by learning about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and program resources available to make your journey, and that of the girls, a memorable one. You will also get other program basics such as how to keep girls safe, taking trips and hosting events, helping girls manage group finances, getting parents involved, and how to plan and hold troop meetings. 

The content in this training comes from the Volunteer Essentials guide.Please download and save prior to participating in the training.  

This is a required training before you start meeting with girls.


Advanced Camp/Backpack License Training (ABL)

The ABL qualifies a person to take a group/troop on a hiking/backpacking trip to primitive areas where there are no bathroom facilities or provided water.  We will show you proper equipment use, waste disposal, water filtration, map and compass skills, emergency procedures, and meal planning. The training will consist of a prep meeting overnight and one night on the trail.  We will start at one of the Service Centers, then travel to the Sipsey Wilderness in Alabama or Land Between the Lakes in Tennessee. Equipment is included in the cost of the training. TCL is a pre-requisite for this course.

To request this training, please submit an online Volunteer Training Request Form  at least 6 weeks prior to requested day.

Cost:  $25 per person, includes meals, training materials and equipment fee.

Enrichment Courses

The council offers a number of enrichment opportunities for volunteers. Some of these include Crafts and SWAPs, Songs and Games, Ceremonies and Traditions and enrichment for the different grade levels.

Cost: varies 

Event Camp License Training (ECL)

This session is designed for those who want to take their troop/group to a camporee, Service Unit camp-out or council camp-out or an indoor camping facility, like one of our lodges. This training is designed for groups attending events where there is food service. You will not be trained on fire building or outdoor cooking. Training is approximately 4-6 hours.  Each person will need comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for camping and a sack lunch and beverage.

To request this training, please submit an online Volunteer Training Request Form  at least 6 weeks prior to requested day..

Cost: $10, includes cost of materials


Facilitating Adult Learning

Facilitating Adult Learning is for volunteers interested in becoming council facilitators of basic volunteer, outdoor and/or enrichment training sessions. All experienced council facilitators are to complete this course as well. Note: Any volunteer interested in becoming a council facilitator must first apply.

For information on the application process, contact Volunteer Support, 800.624.4185.

Cost: $0 

CPR / First Aid

American Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses are offered to volunteers through the council at a special discount price. To serve as a "Level 1 First Aider" for a troop, a volunteer must have both certifications. CPR certification is a prerequisite for First Aid certification. The cost for the First Aid/CPR training covers the manual, supplies and certification card. Certification lasts for 2 years. Please dress comfortably as skills are performed on the floor.

Cost: $50


Girl Scout Gold Award Training

This training will help you guide your girl on her journey toward earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. You will learn about the requirements, necessary paper work, timing of your projects and deadlines. Training is MANDATORY for any girl who wishes to pursue earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. 

Cost: $10

Upcoming Gold Award Trainings:

Training By Request

Girl Scouts Heart of the South schedules a variety of training dates and locations, but we know that volunteers may need other options.That is why we are pleased to offer you Training By Request! This  opportunity allows service unit, troop leaders or parents who are looking to become skilled in a specific training to schedule one that fits with their busy schedules.

There is a 10 person minimum and the ability to fulfill the request depends on availability of a council facilitator.

Please submit an online Volunteer Training Request Form  at least 6 weeks prior to requested day.

Troop Camp License (TCL)

This training has been designed for leaders that want to learn by experience before leading their troop through all phases of the planning, preparations and actual camping experience. This deluxe course will give you the knowledge and skills needed for either lodge, cabin, or tent camping and will include cooking most meals for the weekend over an open fire. This training includes all basic outdoor skills and is for all levels of leaders. Training is done over a weekend. There is no prerequisite for this course.  

Cost: $25, includes cost of food that you will cook and training materials.


Wilderness First Aid Basics

Wilderness First Aid Basics is an American Red Cross course designed to serve as an educational resource for those involved in activities that take them beyond the scope of traditional urban emergency services.  In these cases, emergency care is delayed until help can be notified and rescuers can reach the intended patient.  This course helps provide the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with these emergencies until more advanced care can be provided.  Participants must be at least 15 years old.  CPR is a prerequisite for this course.  Participants that successfully complete the 16 hour course (pre-course assignment and three sessions) qualify to serve as a Level 2 First-Aider.  Participants must attend all three sessions, demonstrate practical skills and successfully complete a written test.  Wilderness First Aid Basics certification is 3 years. The training manuals will be mailed after the course fee has been paid.

To request this training contact, please submit an online Volunteer Training Request Form  at least 6 weeks prior to requested day.

Cost:  $40 for all three sessions. Cost includes the training manuals, certification card and supplies.


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